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1 set 7500k WHITE Hyper Blue HID HI/LO headlights BEST DEAL ON LOOK H4 for Sale

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1 set 7500k WHITE Hyper Blue HID HI/LO headlights BEST DEAL ON   LOOK H4

Price: $10

This item has been shown 12 times.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE YOUR PURCHASEThis sale is for your HIGH/LOW BEAMS, also before you offer please put in the year, make, and model of your car on the compatibility chart above. Just because we came up on a search does not mean this sale will fit your car.We are not responsible if you buy the wrong ones. If they don't fit you can either email us with the year make and model and we will give you a link to the correct bulbs or click the replacement bulb guide below. Then click STORE HOMEon the left side of this ad,which will bring you to the part number you need on left side of the next page.

If you would like to add to your purchase and make your car look like the picture to the left, please click the replacement bulb guide to see what you would need for your highs, lows or fogs. Then click STORE HOMEon the left side of this ad,which will bring you to the part number you need on left side of the next Replacement Bulb Guide

  • This is not an HID conversion kit. These are replacement halogen bulbs only. HID's are an option on many new vehicles. Please make sure that your vehicle is equipped with regular halogen bulbs and not a factory HID setup. HID's accept a different type of bulb that is not compatible with these halogen bulbs.
  • These lights are D.O.T approved. This means the department of transportation has approved these lights for street use. They are street legal in all 50 states as well as Canada.
  • These aftermarket halogen bulbs are set at the same wattage as your stock bulbs. They will notcreate additional heat to the wiring or headlight housing. Many other aftermarket brands of halogen replacement bulbs are set at a higher wattage than stock, thus producing excess heat in the wiring system and can lead to a fire or other damage. Always install replacement halogens that are the same wattage as your stock halogens.
  • These replacement bulbs are completely "plug and play" meaning it is a very simply install. Simply remove your stock halogen bulbs and replace with our bulbs. No extra wiring or mounting hardware is necessary.

Canada - other countries - All orders ship within 1 business day

The amount of blue will vary from car to car depending on your headlight lenses. Our lights are as blue as you can get within the limits of the law.

Eurodezigns Hyper Series New Release!
  • You will Receive1 set (2 Bulbs) of the part number listed in the title of this sale. Picture in the description is for demo purposes only.
  • Color = Superwhite with a very small tint of blue.
  • Easy installation. No extra hardware or wiring necessary.
  • 100% Street Legal and D.O.T approved in all 50 states.
  • Extended lifespan due to upgraded filaments: 1000+ Hours.
  • Stock wattage / therefore will not melt your wires

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