1 pr H4 Globes bulbs 90/130W Holden RA Rodeo Jackaroo Gemini Torana LJ LC LX LH for Sale

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This is a brand newpairof JTX Hi/Lo H4 Globes. Yep, 2 x Globes - not just 1 globe like others listed.

The specifics are

  • 12 Volt- I also list 24V options in this store
  • 90W Low Beam
  • 130W High Beam
  • Xenon Gas - makes then shine brighter.
  • Shape for mounting is the common H4
  • 3 pins on rear (Hi / Low and Earth)

JTX is our brand. We have been selling globes here on for a very long time and sought improvements in technology when possible and moved to globes that brought the least warranty claims. Only through the test of time and thousands of globes later can be rest upon our final choice and it was about time we put our name on it.

This is a traditional incandescent globe whereby the light is generated by power passing through a very thin wire which glows. Also the thin wire would normally be inside a chamber of Halogen gas but our JTX globes use Xenon gas instead of Halogen as Xenon shines brighter. That's a trick stolen from the makers of HID globes.

What a huge difference these will make to your night vision. Most factory headlights are just 55W Low Beam and 65W Hi Beam. So yes, technically these are twice as bright just from the power draw alone but with the Xenon gas and precision diamond cut glass they are brighter again. Safe to say these JTX 130/90w globes have the potential to be+130%brighter than standard globes.

Most cars run H4 globes. They are the most common. The H4 globe is twin beam so it does hi and low beams. It is virtually the only globe that does twin beam so you are safe to assume if you have a dead globe and it does both hi and low beams then it will be a H4.

I have included some pics and diagrams so you can compare them to your existing globes.

Have you ever wondered how hi and low beams work? Yes sure the hi beam shines hotter by drawing more power so it is brighter but it also shines higher and low beam shines lower so as not to blind oncoming cars. Our 90w low beam is probably 50% brighter than your old conventional hi beams so we had to make sure it didnt blind oncoming cars. In low beam only the top half of the reflector is subjected to light and thus light shines downwards only. This is done by the bottom half of the light's reflector being shaded from the low beam element by a shield in the globe. So when only the low beam filament is powered then light only shines downward and forwards, not upwards. The hi beam element in the globe not only being 130W but there is no shield on that bit and so the entire reflector gets the light allowing light to go everywhere. And to cap it off the end of our glass tube of the globe is coated so as not to let light out the front and upwards without being controlled by the reflector. This is how me make low beam a lower shorter beam and not just less powerful.

Many people ask if they are legal and yes that's why our low beam is 90w and not 100w. We produced this with 90W low beam to comply with road regulations so they are the very brightest we can offer in incandescent lighting and still be legal.

The colour is white (4000K). The better your battery and the heavier your wires the whiter they get.

The globes I sellall come with a6 month no questions asked replacement warranty on blown filaments. It doesn't cover cracked or broken glass unless caused in posting them to you. Cracked or Broken glass is usually a direct result of a collision, handling glass with fingers or dropping them, etc. If you have a blown globe (broken internal filament) then Idont care how you did it. Just send me an message and your new globe is as good as on its way.

I am so convinced that you will be happy with your purchase that I am offering a30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If by chance you aren't totally satisfied then simply contact me by message within 30 days and we can arrange for you to send them back for a full refund on the purchase price. It's that easy. Our JTX Satisfaction Guarantee also includes the off chance they are the wrong type of globe you need. I have no problems swapping over or refunding.

All glass globes require that you dont touch the glass with your fingers. The reason is that oil from your skin gets super hot on the glass when the lights are on and this can cause the glass to break. It's something our Dad's tell us when we are kids. It still applies these days too.

A common question I get is will they harm the lights in any way. We can say that after selling more than 15,000 of these we are yet to have a claim that plastic lenses have faded or melted. We feel that's partly due to the UV blocking glass in our JTX globe but that it was a bit of myth in the first place also. But restassuredit doesn't happen with the JTX globes.

I mentioned earlier that the better the battery and the heavier the wires the brighter and whiter our globes will get. Well that's because the more volts you have at the globe the better they are. Volts get lost in connections, plugs, switches and wires - especially thin wires. We also sell quality Italian made relays you can use to run a heavy wire direct from battery to globes to maximise the volts at the globe. The relay turns the power on and off to the globes and receives its signal to do so from your old thin factory wires.

I stock theseglobes here in Melbourne and they are ready to send to you. They get posted to any where in Australia via Aussie Postfor free and there is an express post option when you check-out and pay.

Here's another thought ... In my store I also list the H4 HID kit which is super dooper bright HID Hi and Low beams. HID uses different technology of passing a spark of electricity (not the thin hot wire) across the Xenon chamber and that requires 23,000 volts and so the HID kits come with ballasts and a wiring kit. Here is the link for our JTX HID Kit in H4.

At JTX Lighting we have literally hundreds of lighting solutions from globe replacements to upgrades to higher wattage for brighter and safer driving at night orwe can take you to the next level with LED and HID globeupgrades.We also sell head light replacements and upgrades to LED assemblies and the trendy Halo lights. Check outour host of items below....

H4 Globe options ...

12v H4 Globe 60/55w x 1 only

12v H4 Globes 60/55w x 1pr

12v H4 Globes 100/90w

12v H4 Globes 130/90w

24v H4 Globes H4 Globe x Globes x H4 HID H4 HID H4 HID Kit

General Accessories

Relay 12v

Relay 24v

HID Components ...

H4 HID Wiring Harness with HID Load Module to Fix blue light on dash and Globes - you select the style and Ballast Power Ballast to Globe Extension Leads - 1m Adaptors - plug your HID ballasts straight into old H9 light Ballasts Ballasts Ballasts Ballasts Ballast Ballast style="font-size: 14pt;">

We are 100% committed to quality, fast speedy deliveries and great personalafter sales support. It's how we roll.

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