Lifetime Warranty - BMW 740i 540i 840i OEM BOSCH Fuel Injector - 0280150778 for Sale

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One Fuel Injector Per Order Lifetime Warranty - Unlimited miles

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Reconditioned in the USA using genuine brand names (Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, etc). No cheap knockoffs.

Reconditioning Process:

  • Thorough Electrical Inspection to verify resistance is within specs
  • Disassemble and externally clean injectors
  • Internally clean via numerous ultrasonic baths while activating injectors using special solutions
  • Back-flush to remove any internal debris left behind (multi-step process)
  • Flow test injectors and gather data. If injectors are not back up to specs, the previous 2 steps are performed until we achieve the results we’re looking for. Depending on their condition some fuel injectors may spend up to 8 hours in ultrasonic baths.
  • Once injectors are back up to OE specifications they are then lubricated to extend shelf life
  • Injectors are reassembled with new OEM high quality components (seals, 0-rings, caps, filters etc..)
  • For quality assurance, injectors are flow tested one last time before being shipped

Warranty and Returns - All fuel injectors are covered by a minimum of 3 year warranty (unless otherwise stated above). All warranty claims will be handled as exchanges only. Parts will not be eligible for return for a refund if used, you will receive replacements, no exceptions. To be eligible for a return for a full refund, parts must be unused and in original packaging. If parts have been taken out of packaging and require re testing and re packaging, a re stocking fee of up to 20% may be assessed. Return shipping will be covered by buyer.

Special Note to buyers: Beware of recent flood of Chinese knock off brands and counterfeits. We've tested products from various companies offering "new" components at discount prices stating "like Bosch" "Bosch equivalent". Those units are not manufactured to specs, they leak down and often "stick open". Don't risk engine damage by saving a few dollars. Buy from trusted sellers, offering genuine brands such as Bosch, Denso, Motorcraft, Delphi, etc.

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