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1" [BILLET] WHEELS SPACERS Ford Mustang 4 lug MACHINED for Sale

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1974 to 1993 Mustang 4 lug.

One Pair 4x4.25 (108mm)

(2 Heavy Duty Wheel Spacers)

With1/2x20 Studs & Lug Nuts!

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Ford MustangWheel Spacers 1"4 on 4.25 (108mm)

1" Wheel Spacer Kit for your GT, LX Ford Mustang4 on 4.25 bolt pattern wheel.


      • Our 1" wheel spacers are made from ultra-strong 6061 Billet Aluminum.
      • Our premium quality spacers are made to ensure years of strength & durability.
      • Each spacer kit adds 2" of width to the front or rear of your axle.
      • These spacers are made to fit your Mustang's4 on 4.25 bolt pattern.
      • Installation is simple!Our wheel spacer kit comes complete with pre-installed studs & installation lug nuts which makes installation quick & easy!
      • In some cases studs may have to be trimmed as to not protrude beyond wheel mounting surface of the spacer. For more information, we welcome your questions.


      Two (2) brand new 1" spacers, made from ultra-strong 6061 Billet aluminum, made for 4 lug, GT, LX Mustang cars.

      Eight(8) 1/2x20 standard thread lug nuts


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      This item is in stock in our warehouse, ready for immediate shipment.


      These spacers may not fit allFord Mustang models. For example, some modelsmay take different bolt patterns or stud sizes. Please be sure to contact us with your vehicle specs. prior to ordering. Once your item arrives in satisfactory condition, please leave response for us & we will do the same for you.

      Thank You!

      We Use Premium Studs and Lug Nuts for Optimum Durability.


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