08-10 Ford 6.4 Powerstroke GearboxZ DPF & EGR & CAT Delete Kit for Sale

Price: $600

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Been looking for a easy and affordable way to delete your 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel?

This is what you have been looking for!

This package comes with everything needed to completely change the way your truck drives! You will have better throttle response, increased horsepower, lower egts, increased fuel mileage, and no check engine lights!

When you receive this kit, just unbolt your factory dpf filter and Cat filter, remove sensor and plug in sensor and just tape up or ziptie sensors out of the way. bolt in new dpf delete pipe.

Remove stock egr coolers and intake elbow assembly, bolt on block off plates to old egr ports, bolt on new high flow intake elbow, and install the 2 resistors provided into stock throttle valve plug. ( you do not have to do egr delete if you do not have time to install, you can tune truck with Gearboxz module and do egr delete at any time after)

Then plug in the Gearboxz module under dash to OBDII port and follow the few yes or no questions the tuner asks you. Then tuner will say complete and unplug, unplug Gearboxz module and your ready to go!

This will also allow you to do cat delete later if you choose to do so.

And if you ever need to go back to stock emissions, just bolt in your dpf filter and set tuner back to stock.

Please note: Because these items come from several different suppliers, they will arrive in several boxes.

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Off Road/Race Use Disclaimer:

This is a Race Only product that is to be used solely for competition, it cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways. By purchasing this product, you are acknowledging that it is to be used for off-road/race use ONLY, and you assume all risk and liability associated with its use. This product is NOT for sale or use in California.

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