06-12 Dodge Charger Mandrel Exhaust by TruBendz - 2.5" Aluminized Steel for Sale

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Mandrel Bends by TruBendz Technology
Get the most HP possible from your exhaust system by increasing the tube diameter size and using mandrel bent exhaust tubing.Now you can create an exhaust system with a muffler and tip you choose and use the best exhaust tubing to get the most power. With increased airflow in your exhaust, your motor is able to generate more power. Don't settle for crush bent systems which restrict airflow or high priced systems that don't allow you to design your own exhaust to fit your car best. Average HP gains will start from 8-15HP.
TruBendz Technology is a manufacturer and fabricator of steel products, specializing in hydraulic mandrel bending processes. We utilize equipment ranging from Mig and Tig Welding, to Plasma and Cold Saw Cutting, and Hydraulic Bending. We have hundreds of different jig settings for car and truck parts and bend tubing to match OEM (factory) specifications.

  • This system is the tubing only portion of the catback exhaust system. It starts AFTER the catalytic converter.
  • The system includes ALL hardware needed for the installation, such as: clamps, flanges, gaskets and hangers.
  • When needed: All tube expansions and ball/socket connections are pre-formed by us.
  • Ever wonder why the leading exhaust systems cost over $500? Because your typically paying just for a "name" or the mass production.
  • Why does taking your car to a local exhaust shop only cost $250? Because your not getting "mandrel bent" quality exhaust tubing.
  • Ever priced out how much just a single muffler costs by itself? Typically, a leading brand name muffler costs less than $100.00
  • Do the math. Now you can get the exact size tubing your looking for with the muffler you want and the tip style you want.
  • Average shop installation rates are less than $100. Or free if you choose to assemble the kit by yourself.
  • Total cost of your "custom" dream exhaust is now less than $300-$400. And you used the parts that you wanted.
Our tubing kits have been on the market for over a decade. We are widely known for the products we produce all over the internet. Check out our main website for more information. If you have any questions about this system or how it works, feel free to send us an email.
  • This system was designed to use (2) standard 14 inch BODY mufflers. With offset/center connections.

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