03-07 GM Chevrolet Sierra Silverado Instrument Gauge Cluster FULL REPAIR SERVICE for Sale

Price: $74.99

Please read the wholedescription

This Is a Repair Service to your gauge cluster. You have to send your cluster to us for repair.

Este es un servicio de reparación por correo. Después de la compra, debe enviarnos su clúster para su reparación. Traduzca y lea la descripción completa antes de comprar.

This repair service willcorrect the following issues

  • Dead, fluttering or pegged gauges
  • Bad backlighting
  • Dim shift indicator display
  • Intermittent power loss
  • Scrolling languages
  • Battery drain
Not covered in this service
  • Physical damage
  • Broken lens cover
  • Odometer error
  • Odometer correction
  • Damages done by previous repair attempts

Your mileage will not beaffected by this repair

Disregard eBay's "Estimated Arrival Time" above. We are required to list a very long estimated arrival time to comply with eBay's policy because we have no control over how long it will take for you, the buyer, to send the cluster to us.

Checkthecompatibility list to make sure your vehicle is compatible


  • 03-06 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra
  • 2007 Silverado / Sierra Classic
  • 03-06 Avalanche
  • 03-05 C4500 TopKick
  • 03-06 Suburban Yukon Tahoe Envoy
  • 00-05 Cavalier
  • 00-05 Sunfire
  • 03-06 Cadillac Escalade
  • 02-05 Monte Carlo
  • 03-06 SSR
  • 02-05 Impala
  • 03-06 Hummer H2
  • 02-06 Trailblazer/ Blazer
  • 03-05 Bonneville
  • 04-06 Rainier
  • 02-06 Rendezvous
  • 02-06 Ascender
  • 03-04 Bravada
  • 03-04 Silhouette
  • 03-05 Aztek
  • 03-04 Montana
  • 03-05 Lesabre
  • 03-05 Venture
  • 02-05 Sunfire
  • 03-04 Malibu
  • Following vehicles Display repair only, no stepper replacement
  • 97-04 Century (information displays repair only)
  • 97-04 Regal (information displays repair only)
  • 99-02 Silverado / Sierra PRND321 / Odometer Display repair only.
  • 07-13 Silverado / Sierra PRND321 / Odometer Display repair only.
  • 07-12 Suburban / Tahoe / Yukon Display repair only
  • 2002 Avalanche Display repair only

This Service Includes

  • We will power up and test the cluster.
  • We will replace all stepper motors (even if they are not bad) We use the superior JUKEN X27.168 stepper motors
  • We will replace all back lights with LED color of choice(if you don't let us know a color, we will install original lighting)
  • We will repair the dim shift indicator
  • We willre-calibratethe gauge needles to the correct spot.
  • We will power up and test the cluster after the repairs have been made.
  • You will receive a lifetime parts and labor guarantee on the work that was done to the cluster.
  • We will pay for the return shipping via USPS Priority 2-3 Business day, if you want fast shipping i offer priority express for super fast shipping.

LED colors available: Blue(most popular), Green, Red, Orange and Cool White(turns out bluish do to the blue color filter in the overlay). Include a note in the box with color LED desired, if no note in the box then we will install original incandescent lighting

If you have an"odometer : ERROR" message we can repair it most of the timedepending on the year make and model. You can contact us for details

If your cluster has been previously repaired it may now be un-repairable depending on the damage that was done to it. If this is your case send us some pictures and we should be able to determine ifwe can repair it or not.

How it Works:

  1. Purchase our service
  2. After purchase you will receive our address and instructions via email.
  3. Send us your instrument cluster(at your expense).
  4. We do all of the work usually within 24 hours of arrival.
  5. After the repairs have been made, we will power it up and test the clusterto make sure that it is fully functional.
  6. We will mail it back within those 24 hours using USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Service (unless you select Express 1-2 day shipping) and you will receive a tracking number. We pay for the return shipping only

Disregard eBay's"Estimated Arrival Time" above. We are required to list a very longestimated arrival time to comply with eBay's policy because we have no control overhow long it will take for you, the buyer, to send the cluster to us.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. This saleis for a repair service, not a part. We do not have any for sale.
  2. You are responsible to package yourpart in such a way that it will not be damaged. We will return it insame packaging. If we receive it damaged we will always send you a picture.
  3. Very rarely, we may encounter an issue that we are unable to repair. In this case,we can send it back to you or you will have the option to donate it to us for parts.
  4. If there is a problem with your cluster once you receive it back,Contact us.We will work hard to resolve any problem.
Warranty Info:
  1. All of our gauge cluster services have a limited lifetime warranty (unless otherwise stated in the description). Warranty covers information displays, gauges, power loss.
  2. The backlighting is covered for one year due to the limited lifespanof light-bulbs and LEDs. After one year we will be happy to replace the lights for a nominal fee.
  3. Shipping will be covered both ways for the first3 months after receiving your cluster. after that you will have to pay shipping to us.
  4. Warranty is not transferable if you sell the car. We log all customer data and give out a warranty # for tracking.

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