01-06 BMW M3 E46 NHP CSL Euro Style Headers for Sale

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01-06 BMW M3 E46 NHP CSL Euro Style Headers Product Fitment :

BMW E46 M3 01-06


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Product Description

You may ask yourself who do heck is NHP exhaust? We don't have a presence in the BMW market but we have been doing Porsche Exhaust systems for 10 years, we have a batch of these headers that are basically a copy of the BMW Euro CSL headers, the quality is exceptionnal and no corners have been cut, we only have a few left and we have decided to discount them, use the best offer and get yourself a deal! After this batch we no longer have any and don't plan on producing more. I personally own a BMW E46 M3 and we all know that it has been proven that a simple change of headers will have substantial HP gains from 15 to 20 HP's. . These headers have been developed and designed by NHP Exhaust in Canada.

These headers are very similar to the Euro CSL O.E Headers the difference will be mainly on the price tag, O.E CSL headers sell for approx 2000.00USD at your local BMW Dealer , the other differences is that the NHP CSL Euro style headers allow you to re-install your four O2 sensors and exhaust temperature sensor on the headers without having to relocate the post catalytic O2 sensor and temperature sensor.

These are built with 304 Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge stainless steel on piping and 16 gauge for flanges.

These headers will fit like a glove, unlike many other headers sold by several sources the NHP Headers will not require any modifications, our flanges are built like the O.E which means that you can re-use your factory studs and nuts, our headers clear perfectly no touching of engine mounts or suspension table, we have installed several different types of headers for local customers and all kinds of problems and mods were needed to fit the cheap headers, the NHP Headers will last you a lifetime and will fit and perform perfectly, you will be buying top notch headers amongst the best out there, we put the same time and effort to produce high quality parts for your M3 as we do for Porsche.

The NHP Headers also offer substantial weight savings our Bank #1and Bank #2 Headers only weigh 13 lbs.

The NHP CSL Euro Style headers design are very good at low RPM's this design proves to have better low-end torque compared to other headers. Without any ECU tuning these headers should gain you approx 15HP and the difference could be felt.

The NHP CSL Euro Style Headers can be installed with OEM Section #1 Midpipe and they can also be installed with our NHP Euro Section#1 Cats or NHP Section#1 Catless. (Check our store for listings)


The M3 has a "Raspy" Exhaust sound by nature, by installing these headers the current Rasp will be amplified.

What you Get

Bank#1 Header
Bank #2 Header
Both donut gaskets for flange connection between the headers and section#1

What you don't Get

Exhaust headers gaskets, you will need to order 6 Exhaust headers gaskets from your local BMW Dealer. The cost of these gaskets is minimal.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION No installation instructions are included, we highly reccomend that these are installed by a qualified mechanic who knows how to work on a M3, a mickey mouse garage will have a hard time removing and installing headers, the headers on a M3 requires some knowledge on removal and installation, we rate the level of difficulty to be 6/10 , installation time approx 3-5 hours. In order to remove the factory headers and installing these headers, lower passenger's side engine support must be removed in addition to a few more parts next to that support so that there's enough space to remove and install. Again QUALIFIED MECHANIC who has some M3 experience!

The fine print.

These headers have O2 extension bungs built-in, this can help eliminate possibilities of getting a malfunction light , there's no gaurantees that you will not get any. Unless your ECU is chipped with performance software you will most probably encounter a malfunction light giving you catalytic codes. These are meant for off-road purposes if no catalytic converters are present on the exhaust line, these are not emission compliant unless catalytic converters are installed on mid-section #1.

These are being discounted and are final sales, we will not accept any returns on this product.

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