lamborghini Urus SUV lowering link module kit for Sale

Price: $190

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Fully adjustable lowering links for the Lamborghini Urus 2018 and up with "air suspension".Special locking and pre- lubed ball joint ends, have been specifically manufactured and come complete with internal spring clips to guarantee a snug fit to keep the sensor arms free of dirt.

UPD links are fully adjustable so that you can set the new height of your car to your exact preference.UPD adjustable links are not made out of plastic like other companies use, which can become brittle due to heat , vibration, damaged from dirt contamination and lead to early failure.The kits are extremely easy to install using basic tools and take no longer than 1hour to fit (on the majority of cars you do not need to remove the wheels)and remember that the original links can be re-fitted to the vehicle or you can re-adjust the new links to put the car back to the standard height for warranty purposes or selling the car.Installing our links is a fully reversible process andremoves the need offitting a complex and costlyelectronic module.Listing is for 4 x links. 2 for front and 2 for rear.

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