Porsche Boxster Cayman CAPRISTO Catback Exhaust Exhaust System (up to 09) for Sale

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Porsche Boxster/Cayman Catback Valve Exhaust System (up to 09)-FREE SHIPPING

Valve Exhaust System (Catback Only) by CAPRISTO for
Porsche Boxter & Cayman
(Includes Programmable Remote Control)

>>>>> ONLY FOR MODELS PRIOR TO 2009 <<<<<

High performance valved exhaust system -"Cat Back" only - designed for Porsche Cayman/Boxster.

The system includes:

  • Valve Exhaust System
  • Programmable Back Pressure Control Unit.

The system includes the muffler and the back pressure control unit. This system suits the 1st model of the Cayman and Boxster.

This system can be partially fitted to the OEM headers. The exhaust systems & the individual exhaust components are TÜV Certified (tested & rated). this means that the system meet or exceed all OEM requirements while allowing maximum power a super sound for your Porsche.

NOTE: A TÜV Certified product installed WILL NOT VOID your vehicle's warranty

The exhaust valves are back pressure-controlled and user programmable. A built in limit prevents reaching dangerous pressure levels. There is a control unit for monitoring the back pressure.

This control unit provides the ability to individually program the back pressure where one would like to have the valves open or close.

The portion of back pressure resulting in a loss of performance is filtered out. This way, one can reach the maximum performance. Therefore, this sports exhaust combines all advantages in both the lower and higher range of revolutions (rpm), since the back pressure can be exactly controlled to enable the engine to gain the maximum performance.

The programmable control unit features an illuminated display showing all functions in plain text in 3 different languages (German, English and Italian) and provides 3 basic modes to be operated via a remote control, namely:

  • Cruise mode - the exhaust gas valves open later
  • Sports mode - the exhaust gas valves open earlier
  • Open mode - the exhaust gas valves remain open

In both the cruise mode and sport mode, one can individually program when the exhaust gas valves shall open. One big advantage is that the control unit recognizes the driver's operation characteristics.
If the driver accelerates aggressively, this is identified by our device by the kind of back pressure that is generated, and the exhaust gas valves open immediately. Usual acceleration results in a later opening of the exhaust gas valves.

Complete Valve Exhaust System by

Why should you get a CAPRISTO Exhaust?

Below is a table based on the test made by Trade Partner, and his test was conducted on a private British track in late 2010. These 4 top supercars exhaust manufacturers (CAPRISTO, TUBI, Kreissieg and Stebro) provided each, nine exhausts, and for 48 hours, Trade Partner tested those exhausts on Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches.

The cars were in their original configurations, simply equipped the the different exhausts. Every exhaust were tested in normal driving and harsh racing conditions, submitted to high temperatures within a period of time.

And at the end the winner is... CAPRISTO Exhausts!

1 - Emissions & Norms 2 - Performance 3 - Design & Quality 4 - Sound Quality 5 - Welding Quality

* Source: Trade Partner: Automotive Test Of The Year 2011


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