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Original 1958-60 430 Mercury Super Marauder Engine ULTRA-RARE for Sale

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 Original 1958-60 430 Mercury Super Marauder Engine ULTRA-RARE

Price: $6,100

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Up for sale is a Complete and Original 1958-60 Super Marauder Engine. It is a 430 c.i. engine Complete, meaning it has Every component to run, from the Big Aluminum air cleaner with 400 HP on the top and Super Marauder on the lower edge, to the oil pan, and everything in between, like the unique 3 two barrel Holley carb set-up, the unique fuel pump that feeds all 3 carbs. independently and fuel filter set-up, even the cable running from the distributor (looks like a speedometer cable, but is probably for the tach.?), water pump (no fan), an obvious high rise aluminum intake, etc.It is ALL Original, all the engine is stamped with the beginning sequences 575, the heads, the block, even the water pump! This engine and the Specific Air cleaner and carb, intake set-up is Ultra Rare, there were only "100" of these made (the best I could find out), I know that at least one of these "100" is in Norway, I have found parts for at least another 14 of them, meaning they are NOT COMPLETE anymore, and if they are, they're NOT ORIGINAL. How many of the 84 others are COMPLETE and ORIGINAL??? If you have a car of this era, and want to make it Correct/Complete/Original, Don't let this pass you by. You're probably more likely to find a Live Dinosaur than to ever find another Complete, Original Super Marauder engine! Especially one as clean as this!Don't forget, once the "Other" collector gets a hold of this Ultra Rare piece of history, the ONLY place you will see it is in their car! A quick bit of History that I have come to learn about this engine. The 430 cubic inch Mercury engine with the 2x3 carburetors, high rise intake, and large Aluminum air Cleaner was the FIRST PRODUCTION car in AMERICAN HISTORY to Advertise and Deliver 400 Horse power! (It actually had 405 HP) This engine, and it's proven performance was the catalyst to the Muscle Car Industry here in the United States! I have seen the Air Cleaner, and Intake Set-Ups ALONE selling and SOLD for more than $7,000! (More than a dozen of them), I have seen 14 personally SOLD over the last 8 years. (Again this means that the 14 engines the parts came from are NO LONGER Complete or Original!) And who knows how many of the 100 of these made, besides these 14, the one in Norway, and the one I have for sale are EVER going to surface, for sale or otherwise?This engine has been in storage for at least 16 years in my garage, crated on/in a custom pallet/crate of course! There is no pitting on the air cleaner, but a couple of real light scratches that are sure to buff right out easily enough. The engine is very clean and dry (no oil seepage, etc). I have NEVER run this Engine. My intentions were to build a Rat Rod and use this to power it. However, 16 years later, and I still haven't started this project! I personally would like to see someone who wants to make their Project Complete, or their Original Super Marauder car truly Original, with the Correct Engine for the car! There is some rust "Dots" on the chrome valve cover, I don't know if someone can clean them up, if they will need to be re dipped in Chrome, or if they need to be replaced. Either way, a very small issue. If you want to wait until one of the other 80 or so Possible others surfaces, help yourself, but I don't think One will be found For Sale, Complete and Original!!! Act FAST, offer to Win!!!I am ONLY accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Orders for this purchase, I will ship it anywhere in the world, and any way you like (at your cost of course), but not until the funds have CLEARED! I had to put in a Shipping Cost, this IS NOT THE ACTUAL COST! makes you put something! The ACTUAL CHARGES will be determined once the engine is bought and brought down to be shipped, and it all depends on WHERE it's going!!! Again, the BUYER will be responsible for ALL Shipping Costs. NO Handling Fees will be Thank You for looking, Happy offerding!!!P.S. If you want more pictures, numbers, or any other information. Contact me and I will happily oblige.

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