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__GENUINE__Rear Trunk Chrome Star Emblem Logo__for Mercedes__E_CLAss Sedan_03-09 for Sale

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__GENUINE__Rear Trunk Chrome Star Emblem Logo__for Mercedes__E_CLAss Sedan_03-09

Price: $29

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Genuine Trunk Star for Mercedes.Verify Model & Year in the CHART Compatibility List.

(NOTE) 211 E CLASS (4) Door Sedan From 2003-2009.If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mike at 817-996-0704This part is compatible with the following models.
Model Year Engine
Mercedes-BenzE3202003Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE32020044Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE3202004Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE32020054Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE3202005Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE35020064Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE3502006Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE35020074Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE3502007Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE35020084Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE3502008Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE35020094Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE3502009Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE50020044Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE50020054Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE50020064Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5002003Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5002004Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5002005Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5002006Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55 AMG2003Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55 AMG2004Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55 AMG2005Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55 AMG2006Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE63 AMG2007Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE63 AMG2008Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE63 AMG2009Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5502007Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5502008Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE5502009Base Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55020074Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55020084Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll EnginesMercedes-BenzE55020094Matic Sedan 4-DoorAll Engines
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