Challenger 6.4L Hemi Procharger Race Intercooler & 6.1 Intake Manifold for Sale

Price: $2500.00

Challenger 6.4L Hemi Procharger Custom Race Intercooler & 6.1 Hemi Intake Manifold Setup.




You are looking at a Dodge Challenger 6.4L Hemi Procharger \"Race\" Intercooler & 6.1 Hemi intake Manifold setup. Everything here is in perfect working order with very little run time. You are getting the high dollar Procharger \"Race\" intercooler, custom one piece boost pipe with a $1000 Smooth Boost dial adjustable blow off valve setup, 6.1 Hemi intake manifold which has been proven to be the best Hemi intake for boosted engines, 92mm throttle body,  Fore billet fuel rails, billet catch can, Intercooler mounts & radiator drop brackets. The intercooler and inlet plenum were professionally modified/fabbed for proper alignment with the 6.1 manifold/ throttle body.

  This is ideal for someone who knows exactly what they are looking at. Please be certain it will suit your needs prior to purchase.  This setup will not work with a mounting bracket that locates the tensioner up high to the left of the oem 6.4 throttle body inlet as it will interfere with the 6.1 intake/ throttle body location. Please view the installed pic of this setup(pic#12) for reference.

Please view the pictures provided as everything will come exactly as shown.  All parts will be very well packaged ensuring safe arrival at your door. Due to the size everything will be shipped in 2 large boxes. Thanks for looking!

** This setup may fit other years and possibly the Charger 6.4L. I cannot verify that for you so please do your own research.  Thanks**

**Local pickup is welcomed and free of charge. **

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