8-Pcs New Genuine Toyota / Lexus Spark Plugs 90919-01191 Denso SK20HR11 3421 for Sale

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Iridium Long LifeDENSO's patented Iridium alloy is more durable than even Platinum, allowing the center electrode to be shrunk to only 0.7 mm in diameter. This produces a dramatic improvement in ignitability and spark plug life. DENSO's Iridium Long Life spark plug is standard equipment with a number of automakers including GM, Toyota, Honda, and iridium center electrode

  • Platinum ground electrode
  • 360 degree laser-welded spark tip
  • Benefits:
    • Sustained spark performance over 100,000 miles
    • Withstands higher pressures and temperatures
    • Reduced spark plug wear and erosion

    Spark Plug Type Performance DifferencesGap Size0.044 In.Thread Diameter0.551 MMGround Electrode Quantity1Hex Size16.0Manufacturer Heat Range20Reach26.50 MMResistance5000 OhmsCenter Electrode Core MaterialCopperSeat TypeFlatCenter Electrode Tip MaterialIridium-Rhodium AlloyGround Electrode Core MaterialNickelGround Electrode Tip DesignPlatinum ChipGround ConfigurationStandardAlternate/OEM Part Number(s): 12120032138, 12120037663, 12122158253, 12293PHMA01, 12565996, 12788884, 224015M016, 22401AA580, 22401CK81B, 22401EA016, 22401ZH016, 306503790, 306508430, 307138590, 307518050, 307518060, 312161830, 32010632, 55564748, 9091901191, 9091901235, 90919A1002, MN158596, SK20HR11

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