(4) 1.25" WHEEL SPACERS ADAPTERS 5x4.5 to 5x4.75 | 1.25" THICK for Sale

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You are buying a set of 4 automotive wheel adapters (and spacers), enough to widen two axles 2.50" total wheel to wheel at1.25" per side(one spacer in the kit for each wheel on the axle and this comes with lug nuts). The 2.50" ATV wheel spacers are1.25" per sideand will fit most any vehicle with a 5 x 4.5" wheel stud pattern where you are trying to use 5x4.75" WHEELS.

Please measure your studs (4.50" diagonally two studs apart) first to be sure on your vehicle, then measure your wheels (4.75" diagonally two holes apart) to ensure they will fit. The grid attached has many of the applications of the 5x4.5 bolt pattern, but remember to check your wheels to as this is aconversion kit, not just a spacer. Please look for your vehicle!

  • Highlights of fitment: many Ford, Jeep, Mazda flagship pickup models (i.e. Ranger, Mustang, Explorer, B3000, B4000, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Comanchee, Town Car, and many, many more!). See grid above for make and years, but please measure your vehicle.
  • You are receiving4 pieces/ringswith hole pattern of 5x4.5 or 5x114.3mm for the rim to attach and a bolt patter for your wheel of 5x4.75" or 5x120.7mm
  • Studs are M12-1.5" and there is a 74.1mm center bore. If your lug nuts are different for your wheel, you could need to purchase new lugs.
  • Thickness is 1.25" per spacer for 2.5" wheel to wheel stance increase!
  • Our studs protrude 1.3" from the spacer as your factor lugs extend from your rims.

Our wheel spacers areCNC machined to exact specification from the best qualityaerospacealuminum available. Each set is hand tested and commercially packed.

Installation should be professionally done. Follow procedures outlined in the installation document carefully for safety.


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  • We provide a lifetime warranty
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