YeTTi Ford F-150 – 6-Second @ 210 MPH

November 8th, 2018

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to the Maryland International Dragway for the Haltech Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals.

Our feature car for this clip is not even a car! It’s a pickup – America’s favorite pickup, as a matter of fact. This is no ordinary F-150 though. This is the YeTTi and this beast of a truck is capable of consistent 6-second passes in the 210 mph range. The truck is getting faster and faster. There’s just no telling what kinds of records will be broken by the YeTTi before this season is over.

Toiling away underneath the hood is a 400 cubic-inch (small block Ford) built by Bennett Racing Engines with a pair of Bullseye 88-millimeter turbochargers and Atomizer fuel injectors. Output is estimated to be 2,000HP at the crankshaft. It also has a TH400 automatic transmission.

YeTTi’s owner and crew have a great attitude. They are thankful and happy to be racing – and winning. Keep up the great work guys!

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