World’s Quickest Jeep Wrangler

May 3rd, 2017

I’m not going to lie and say that I never did it. I am just as guilty as this guy but for a whole different set of reasons.

When I crammed an LS platform V8 and a supercharger into my first Wrangler, I did it to get to the top of the mountain faster than the other guy. There were some giant mud tires and lots of ground clearance involved. It was a great weekend toy but of a whole different variety.

This guy has outfitted his Jeep with drag radials and eliminated the ground clearance but maximum power is still the primary goal. He doesn’t want to climb to the top of the mountain in anything but low elapsed times and top speed. Take a look.

Under the hood you have a 400 cubic-inch small block with an 88-millimeter turbocharger. Maximum output is estimated to be 1,345hp. That is a whole lot of power for this little Jeep.

The chassis is stock; making this the quickest factory Jeep in the world (as far as we know).

With a best E.T. of 7.96-seconds @ 170 mph, Jeepenstien is certainly striking fear into the competition. This is a fresh build so the sky is the limit for this Jeep and crew.

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