World’s First 7-Second Audi R8

October 19th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to this video featuring the DRAG965 Audi R8. This twin turbocharged monster remains well behaved on the street despite its extraordinary racing prowess. Built by Underground Racing, this Lamborghini Huracan clone is equipped with a full interior and no notable weight reduction techniques in play. The World Record (quarter-mile) pass of 7.65-seconds @ 196 mph was accomplished using drag radials.

The all-wheel drive Audi R8 utilizes a 5.2-liter twin turbocharged V10 (situated just behind the cockpit) to generate massive horsepower. The DRAG965 R8 adds an X-Version Twin Turbo System from Underground Racing. The X-Version includes significant internal engine and cylinder head upgrades, exhaust system upgrades and turbocharger system upgrades. Maximum output is estimated at 1,200hp on pump gas or 2,000+hp on racing fuel.

The transmission is an Underground Racing Billet dual-clutch unit – complete with billet gears, shafts and housing. The clutch is a multi-plate wet carbon assembly with a billet cage.

The stand-alone controller is a state-of-the-art JRR M1 MoTec unit sold exclusively by – you guessed it – UGR.

Check out these 7-second passes.

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