World’s Fastest Four-Cylinder – 6-Second DSM

December 2nd, 2018

Greetings drag racing fans! Prepare yourselves to meet the JETT Racing team. These guys are in the States (Orlando, Fla.) for the Sport Compact World Challenge at Orlando Speed World. They just might get the trophy for traveling the greatest distance; since they shipped in with two vehicles from Australia.

They currently hold the record for the World’s Fastest Four-Cylinder. After posting an earth shattering (quarter-mile) pass of 6.23-seconds @ 229 mph, the JETT Mitsubishi Eclipse has garnered worldwide recognition. They have a very capable “Ute” with them as well. This little truck, as we would call it in the U.S., has been known to lay out consistent 7-second passes in the 150 mph range.

Both these vehicles are powered by their own Mitsubishi 4G63, four-cylinder (2.2-liter) engine. The ute (short for sport utility vehicle) is equipped with a single turbocharger setup while the Eclipse utilizes a compound turbo system. The compound turbo system varies from a dual turbocharger setup because the turbos are of a different size. In the compound setup, a smaller (low RPM) turbo gets the car out of the hole and a larger turbo takes over when higher RPM levels are reached.

Whatever they are doing – it’s working. Great job mates!

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