World’s Fastest Dodge Viper – Six-Second Quarter-Mile

May 26th, 2021

After driving his Dodge Viper 244.43 mph in the half-mile, 18-year old Milan Patel showed up at the Maryland International Raceway and put on a drag racing extravaganza! His Gen II Viper has posted a best quarter-mile time of 6.96-seconds @ 215 mph. That’s a World Record set by Sal Patel (who is Milan’s dad) in 2012. We are looking for more great things from this video.

Sal’s Viper is an incredible example of speed and power. It is equipped with a stock (block) 8.4-liter V10 engine that has been enhanced with a pair of Garrett Gen II GTX 88 turbochargers. This serpent almost blew up the dyno making 2,800whp – and that isn’t even turned all the way up. Sal thinks the car has the potential to make 3,200hp at the rear wheels. Amazing!

In the first pass of the day, the team turns out a 7.52-second pass @ 154 mph. That’s under 17 psi of boost. They are about to turn it up.

The following pass is a 7.43 @ 174.53. He is getting the feel of the quarter-mile now.

Next, in what proved to be Milan’s first maximum effort quarter-mile run, he posted a 7.33 @ 191.13 mph.

After several more very successful passes on Day 1, the first pass of Day 2 nets a 7.16-second run @ 196.47 mph. Dad continues to withhold the boost. It is still only at approximately 18 psi with another 20 psi still in reserve.

Finally on Day 3, Milan busts into the sixes and into the record books posting a 6.95-second pass @ 202.67 mph. What a moment!

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