World’s Fastest C8 Corvette by FuelTech

June 17th, 2022

So, this here is the world’s fastest (quarter-mile) C8 Chevrolet Corvette anywhere. As one might imagine, this is not your run of the mill Chevrolet Corvette. It has been radically modified by the experts at FuelTech in Atlanta.

Of course, the C8 version is the first mid-engine Corvette ever produced. It rolls off the assembly line with a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter LS engine that can generate 495hp and 495 lb.-ft of torque. The maniacs at FuelTech got ahold of this one and went stark, raving mad. They added a pair of turbochargers (up high where they can be seen) and a FuelTech FT600 controller. This stand-alone module takes command of the existing controllers. Every system on the car can be controlled using the state-of-the-art dash pod. As if that weren’t enough, they added a methanol fuel call in the cargo area. Right beside that is a nitrous bottle. When everything is tallied up, this bottle-fed baby is capable of churning out more than 1,350hp.

Other mods include a set of fat slicks out back and numerous weight reduction measures, including a set of racing seats with harnesses.

The World’s Fastest C8 Corvette has posted a best quarter-mile elapsed time of 8.97-seconds @ 160.92 mph. Today, these guys are off to the Silver Dollar Raceway for some testing. Care to tag along?

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