World’s Baddest GT-R – 3000HP

May 21st, 2018

Well, Alpha Performance seems to have reset the bar once again with their latest entry into the realm of the extremely modified Nissan GT-R.

After posting a weekend best top speed of 228 mph in the roll racing event, the OB Prestige owned car ripped off a trio of near 6-second passes in the quarter-mile drag races. Personal best elapsed times of 7.11, 7.06, and 7.05-seconds were all recorded before this mirror finish sports coupe was put back on the trailer. All this is accomplished with stock diameter tires on front and rear.

There is also a dyno test. The results are calculated at 55 psi of boost. On the track today, at TX2K18, boost is turned up to 77 psi. When it comes to the quarter-mile, this car certainly doesn’t have a power problem. Horsepower is documented at 2842awhp and 2075 lb.-ft. of torque. When the Alpha team develops some much needed traction this thing is going to make a serious run at the GT-R World Record in the quarter-mile.

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