Volatile V8 Volvo

September 3rd, 2015

Volatile V8 Volvo 01This hum-drum looking beater of a Volvo shocked onlookers at the Pike’s Peak Airstrip Attack when he flat out spanked a Lamborghini, a Corvette, and more! The owner affectionately refers to the car with a very nasty name from a movie script before revealing that a 6.0-liter Chevrolet LSX with an 80-millimeter bargain basement ($200 – including shipping and handling) turbocharger and a turbo 400 transmission. This little unassuming sedan is packing 600hp and is certainly opening some eyes on the 1/2-Mile Roll Racing Circuit.

This guy seems to be having the time of his life, despite turning 160 mph 1/2-mile-runs on a set of worn out tires. He blazes a path down the airstrip besting a Lambo by several car lengths, then jumps on a late model Corvette like a “tick on a June-bug” and sends him home with his tail between his legs. You gotta’ see this!