Vlad’s Journey – A 1300HP Supra Story

March 3rd, 2019

First things first; this is a beautiful car. As far as imports go – this is a real find. It is a 1998 Toyota Supra Quicksilver Twin Turbo Edition. This is a rare car that has been carefully and skillfully renovated/upgraded in stages. Car owner, Vlad, takes you through these stages and shares some of his thoughts along his journey.

The initial round of modifications came as fuel system upgrades and included: Injector Dynamics (ID) 1,000cc fuel injectors in an RMR (Ross Machine Racing) fuel rail with an AEM fuel pressure regulator. The pump is an AEM unit (380-liters per hour) on a Powerhouse Racing billet hanger. Fuel delivery is navigated using an AEM Infiniti controller. This got the car over the 500whp threshold and let Vlad know that the clutch was worn out.

After a new clutch and many dyno hits – to get some idea of what he already had – another round of mods: This time, a pair of Kelford (T202-D) camshafts, GSC Springs, Mark’s Tensioners, a Garrett GTX 4508R PHR lower intake manifold, Sleeper Designs (dual injector 6-ID1700 6-ID1050) upper intake, an LS DBW (V8 drive-by-wire) throttle body, and an AEM Infinity 708 controller. More dyno hits.

This round was significant and put the 2JZ over the 1,000whp mark. This was enough for Vlad to claim the stock block, manual transmission, record for a Supra at Darlington Motor Speedway. He is seen here using a borescope to verify that the pistons are stock.

After that, it’s time to upgrade the bottom-end of the 3.0-liter. Accelerated Performance is recruited for this purpose. Aluminum connecting rods are used. The stock cylinder head is traded for a Headgames unit with a set of GSC S2 VVTI camshafts and Ferrea valvetrain. The ports are given a street grind.

After reassembly using ARP fasteners, the engine is mated to the existing intake/exhaust manifolds and turbochargers when it is installed in the Supra.

Back to the dyno. After hours of tweaking, Vlad arrives at the ridiculously powerful beast that you see here. This video is very instructional and well-produced. Vlad takes you through each step; from adjustments to parts swapping to adjustment of the fuel mixture.

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