Vixen Twin Turbo Hellcat – 5-Second Quarter Mile

July 25th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to the Haltech World Cup Finals Import vs. Domestic from Maryland International Raceway. The focal point of this video is an outstanding Dodge Challenger Hellcat known as the Vixen.

Vixen is (of course) radically modified to enhance performance in a straight line. She has been upgraded with an all-aluminum (block and heads) 528 cubic-inch billet HEMI engine and a pair of 94-millimeter turbochargers.

After numerous testing passes, Vixen heads to the start line to tangle with a bad looking Pontiac GTO (late model). Vixen wins the race by a narrow margin and posts a 6.11-second elapsed time @ 248.48 mph.

Round two has Vixen facing off against the Big 21 Racing Toyota. Vixen comes out of the hole like a bullet but totes the front near the halfway point. He is forced to pedal the car and winds up losing with a 6.89 @ 155 mph. Disappointing.

Finally, in the next round, Vixen takes on a ProCharged Gen VI Mustang and posts a 5.97 elapsed time @ 242.23 mph. What a run! That’s good enough for a new personal best. Not a bad day for a team that’s still adjusting from No Prep to Quarter Mile Racing.

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