Vintage Vette Victimizes Competitors

November 8th, 2017

Rarely do I see a C1 Chevrolet Corvette at the drag strip. The folks who own these classic beauties most often reserve them for car shows and cruising. It is even less common to see a vintage ‘Vette dominating multiple classes (Small Tire and Big Tire) of an event like Street Car Takeover Tucson.

Another characteristic that makes this open air Corvette special is the absolute simplicity of the powertrain. In a day of massive power-adders, chemical injections, and specialized racing fuels, this classic ride is propelled by a small block, Chevy LS (V8) engine with a 100hp shot of nitrous. It uses a Powerglide transmission to get the ponies to the pavement.

On a day when the Arizona heat made the track as slick as greased glass, the crew of this Chevy made the right adjustments for getting down the track with minimum ‘swervege’.

The vintage ‘Vette takes them all on in two classes and goes deep into this event. It ends up in the finals of the Small Tire Class and the Big Tire Class.

There are many unique cars in this clip (including an old Plymouth Arrow and a Chevy Monza), as well as some hardcore head-to-head No Prep racing action. You gotta see this one!

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