Vintage Mopar Drag Racing – 1968 Dodge Dart

September 21st, 2020

You are in for a rarified treat with this drag racing video. The feature car is not turbocharged, not supercharged and not running nitrous. This mighty Mopar is naturally aspirated and packing plenty of ponies. In this day of power adder insanity, n/a cars on the dragstrip are as rare as hen’s teeth. Let’s check this vintage Dodge out on the eighth-mile.

This Simpson Speed Shop creation is a 1968 Dodge Dart with a built 5.9-liter V8 engine. The cylinder heads are Trick Flow and the intake and carburetor are Edelbrock. Shifting duties are handled with an automatic transmission and a 4500 stall converter. Maximum output is estimated at 530hp. The clean old car is not equipped with a roll cage. Question is: Will it go fast enough to require one?

The first challenge for the classic Chrysler is a Chevy El Camino. Half car and half truck – this thing is all business when it comes to getting from A to B. Both competitors come out of the hole on time but the Dart edges out the Chevy with a 5.12-second pass.

Next up is a Gen IV Chevrolet Nova. This bowtie looks fast and it is. The Nova comes out of the hole like a bullet and cruises past the Mopar for the easy win.

Lots more awesome looking cars and great drag racing action on this one.

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