Villain – 1000HP Street Dominator Chevelle SS

March 20th, 2019

When money is no object, and you simply must have the baddest car on the street, a frame-off resto-mod will usually fill the ticket. This 1970 Chevelle certainly will.

Not a bad car when it came to Detroit Speed, the owner was just yearning for a bit more from this old girl. She already had a potent 502 cubic-inch Chevy Performance big block. The car looked acceptable enough but – WOW! – when an expert begins to inspect and configure; things can get real expensive, real quick.

After a frame upgrade, a roll cage, new floor panels, and new wheel tubs, this old gal managed to retain all the factory bits required to remain street legal. VIN plate, roof, and rear fenders were in place.

Out came the bulky 502 and in went a Mast Motorsports Black Label LSx in 7.0-liter. A Whipple 4.0-liter supercharger is the lone power-adder and a Holley Dominator controller makes sure that the fuel and spark are dancing to the same drummer. The Villain runs both E85 pump gas and racing fuel. Pick your poison. Output is estimated at 1,000whp.

The transmission is a Bowler Performance 4L80E (auto truck trans) and the suspension got the complete Detroit Speed treatment. Tried and true, a Ford 9-inch rear end (Strange Engineering) puts the ponies to the pavement.

The wheels are by Forgeline (10.5-inch in front and 12-inch in the rear) and they are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. Told you, this black beauty is ready for the road.

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