Vengeance is Mine Saith… Ned – 1800hp Viper

August 30th, 2018

Vengeance Racing has developed a hard-built reputation as premier Corvette builders for their ability to wring power from the LSx platform. You can understand how an email from a Viper owner resulted in a request denied. He was courteously referred to one of the many Viper shops around the land.

After more emails and repeated refusals, Viper owner Ned – not being a man who takes no for an answer – took a trip to Georgia to visit Vengeance Racing and plead his case to the powers that be. Being reasonable men, the guys at Vengeance brought the strange creation inside, racked it up, and gave it the once-over. You know what they found out? It is just a car.

Vengeance agreed to take the project on and the rest is history.

It all began as a stock block twin turbo package that doubled horsepower from 540hp to 1080hp. It rocked-on like this for a year before the engine was taken out for upgrades.

The crew over at VR pulled the 8.4-liter V10 out and sent it to LME for a billet crankshaft, cylinder sleeves, and cylinder head porting. The twin turbo system was upgraded from 68mm to 76mm units and a larger intercooler was added. This is the inaugural weekend for the new setup.

With a best top speed of 212.66 mph, we can’t wait to see how fast it can go once the bugs are worked out.

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