V6 Corvette is World’s Fastest 10.5-Inch Tire Car

March 4th, 2016

V6 Corvette is World’s Fastest 10.5-Inch Tire CarWho ever dreamed of a V6 engine that amasses 559-cubic-inches – this thing has pistons the size of gallon paint cans – literally. To make this setup more incredible, the car is based in the desert environment of Doha, Qatar and lists the immaculate Qatar Racing Club as its home track.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the hand of Al Anabi Performance (AAP) in the KH Series C6 Corvette, which is 7-years in the making. The engine and cylinder heads are custom built and all-aluminum with titanium cylinder inserts. A pair of Precision 98-millimeter turbochargers provide the forced air induction. This is the fastest V6 AND 10.5-inch tire car in the world.

You have to hear this car’s unique sound as it blasts through the 1/8-mile with a record setting ET of 3.87-seconds @ 198.25 mph.

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