USA vs. UK – Modified McLarens Terrorize Texas Streets

January 7th, 2022

The British are coming! No, the British are here and they’re driving high-powered McLaren supercars. This video features a pack of modified McLaren street racers determined to conquer the streets of Texas (Mexico).

In the first clash of the evening, we have a McLaren 600LT (tuned with high-flow exhaust downpipes) against a Dodge Charger Hellcat (kit of nitrous). Chalk this one up for the “Yanks” as this Hellcat on laughing gas runs away from the McLaren in a single hit.

Next, the 600LT takes on a Mark V Toyota Supra (unknown mods). This time the McLaren is the victor in a one-sided contest.

In the third contest of the night, the 600 Longtail rolls out against a Mustang GT modified with a supercharger. This one is a nail-biter until the Mustang finally lunges forward and takes the advantage (by a fender) near the end. Great race!

A Cadillac is next up for the 600LT. Not your Grandma’s clunker, this is a 700hp supercharged CTS-V Coupe. The McLaren jumps on the Caddy like a tick on a June bug. He jumps out front and never looks back. McLaren FTW!

Keep watching for more great street racing action featuring modified McLaren vehicles.

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