Upsets Galore – Rocky Mountain Race Week Final Day

June 27th, 2022

This is it! It’s the final day of RMRW and there’s a shootout brewing. With most of the classes already decided, the best-of-the-best were still up in the air. Super-fast rides like Alex Taylor’s ShoeBox Chevy, Cleetus McFarland’s twin turbo El Camino (Mullet) and Jason Hurley’s Meltdown II Firebird were looking for glory. The Index Racing format was thrown out for a No Time Shootout strategy that would pit some of the baddest vehicles in the country in head-to-head competition. It’s going to be pandemonium!

First to the starting line was Mullet against the Gen II Camaro of Jim Parkison. On paper, Jim has only a slim chance of beating Cleetus. He’s just overmatched. It’s obvious from the start that something is wrong with the Mullet Chevy. Turns out that it lost fuel pressure. This allowed Jim to take an unlikely victory. Nobody is more surprised than Jim, himself. Listen as he explains why he shouldn’t have won the race.

Race number two pits the ’55 Chevy of pretty Alex Taylor against the Ford Fairmont of Tom Franks. Alex is the heavy Favorite here. As expected, Taylor takes the victory in what she describes as an “ugly win”. Ugly or not, she’s on to the next round.

The third race had the nitrous FoxBody Mustang of Jason King beating up on the Chevy Silverado of Jerome Courtney.

Race four featured the Meltdown II Firebird of Jason Hurley annihilating the ’67 Chevelle SS of Corey Thompson.

It’s on to the Second Round from here as Alex Taylor breaks her ’55 at the starting line and gives Jim Parkinson another easy win. Told you it was a day for underdogs.

Keep watching for even more surprises.

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