Undercover Sedan or 10-Second Sleeper?

May 29th, 2019

Hello, drag racing fans and welcome to Holley LS Fest West from the Jewel of the Desert, Las Vegas, Nevada. This video gives us a glimpse into the Street King Class and a 1981 Mercury Zephyr that looks like a grandma may have driven it to church last Sunday.

What’s that you ask? A Ford product at the LS Fest West? Haven’t you heard? All the best blue oval racers are going over to the LS platform. Heck, more than half the Mustangs on the track are running Chevy running gear these days.

Anyway – this sleeper is equipped with a 5.3-liter LS motor and a Precision 7275 turbo. The combination is good for about 800hp. A 4L60E transmission handles the shifty stuff. The best elapsed time for the quarter-mile is 10.2-seconds and that was at 133 mph. Great pains have been taken to give the interior of this Merc a stock appearance. High-performance gauges are integrated into the factory dash, the boost controller is tucked away in the ash tray and there is a boost control switch hidden in a mint can, which seems hap-hazardly tossed into the front floorboard. I just love sleepers and this is a fine example.

Lots of competitive Index Racing on this one.

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