Turbo Supra – A Comeback Story

July 17th, 2018

Most everyone loves a good comeback story. Whether it’s a sad, sickly, little runt of a child – down on his luck – that is transformed into a superior athlete or an injured animal that defies odds in a victorious return to former glory; a good comeback grabs almost all of us by the heart strings.

The comeback of this tale is a car. A turbocharged Toyota Supra that seemed damaged beyond repair. Much like the $6-million Man or the X-Man known as Wolverine, this Supra would require time, patience, and tons of replacement parts to become the stunning monster we see blistering the streets in this clip. It is difficult to believe that this beautiful Japanese sports car could have emerged from the pile of wreckage depicted in these photos.

Once the Supra was painstakingly rebuilt, high-performance modifications were desired. These began with a professionally built 3.2-liter 2JZ engine and a dual ball bearing Precision 7675 turbocharger. Controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 with a custom-made JJR Boost wiring harness, this is a versatile Toyota that can be driven on multiple power settings for ultimate enjoyment on street or strip.       

Climb in. Buckle up and prepare to be impressed.

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