Turbo LS Olds G-Body vs. Corvette, CTS-V and GT500

March 28th, 2020

This one is for all the full-size racers out there; for all the guys (and gals) that need a skosh more leg room. This 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme was certainly not going to win many street races in stock trim but leave it up to an innovative street racer to soup one of these monsters up to beat the best from Chevy, Ford and even Cadillac. Let’s have a look.

The big old G-Body has a 6.0-liter (Chevy) LS motor with a pair of turbochargers and a 4L80E truck transmission (auto). The combination is good for about 850hp and a whole lot of fun. The seating is plush, so the cameraman climbs onboard.

First up, the Bingo Bomber rolls up alongside a menacing Cadillac CTS-V. No doubt, this guy thought he was taking on some kid in Grandma’s Oldsmobile. Wrong again! Caddy comes out of the hole strong, but the Cutlass spools up and drives around him FTW. Surprise, surprise.

Next, we have a turbocharged GMC Sierra pickup. Bingo Bomber walks away from the get-go and never looks back. Shocker number two.

For our third contest, we have another CTS-V (white this time). Olds gets the jump and gaps the Caddy.

Uh-oh! Next up is a Shelby GT500. This thing looks and sounds mean. Again, the Mustang gets the jump, but the G-Body gets by him for the victory.

Lots more street racing on this one.

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