Turbo Acura V8 Killer

December 11th, 2017

You can imagine our surprise. After all, it isn’t everyday that we pull up to an event like Street Car Takeover Phoenix (Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park) and find a front-wheel drive Acura Integra going on about quenching some V8 dreams.

Even more to our amazement was the tiny four-cylinder engine underneath the hood. Before the day was done in Wild Horse Pass, we would discover that the fella’ with the biggest gun doesn’t always have the fastest bullet.

The car was setup to campaign in the Front-Wheel Drive Class but a lack of FWD competitors resulted in a move to the Banger (stick shift) Class. This class included Corvettes and Camaros but this little flame-belching import was not intimidated.

The mini motor is a 2.0-liter Acura GSR engine and it is equipped with a 67-millimeter turbocharger. A massive front-mounted intercooler makes sure that copious amounts of air entering the engine are cool and dense. With a Dog Box transmission, this import posted consistent 8-second passes all day.

Do you think the Integra outran the V8 muscle cars and won the class? Check out the video to find out.

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