TT Mustang GT – TRC Invitational

August 28th, 2018

Greetings racing fans and welcome to Palm Beach International Raceway for the TRC Invitational.

The feature car for this clip is a 2014 Coyote Mustang GT. Built by NUR Performance, this Ford is loaded with an MPR Performance engine. Internals include Clevite main bearings, King Race rod bearings, and ARP hardware; Diamond Custom flat top pistons (10.5:1) with Trend wrist pins and a Total Seal Custom ring set. The connecting rods are Manley H-Beam with ARP2000 bolts.

Cylinder heads have been treated to a 5-angle CNC valve job, Cometic gaskets, a set of MPR custom valve springs and retainers, and Ferrea oversized (1mm) Super Alloy (sodium-filled) exhaust valves. The intake manifold is pure Cobra Jet.

In the first track battle; the GT takes on Gordon in his infamous 811hp AWD EVO X. It’s roll racing time and we know that this EVO is no play thing. He gets the Mustang in the first hit. The Mustang isn’t through. With an easily accessible boost controller, Paul turns up the power and gets the import by a car on the second pass. No tie-breaker?

Second up is Zack’s 800hp AWD Nissan GT-R. In multiple passes, the Mustang uses the GT-R like a cat with a mouse.

Finally, we have the Mustang versus Brian’s 1,000hp AWD Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. After a slight misunderstanding in the initial hit, the VR-4 gets things dialed in and crushes the Mustang as advertised.

Great roll racing action on a beautiful track.

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