True Street 1,100HP TT GTO

July 25th, 2018

Leather reclining seats, air conditioning, carpeted floors, and full door panels; sound like a luxury sports car? How about a full roll cage, drag radials, and 1,100hp? Now, that sounds like a race car.

So, what is it? Is it a street car or a race car? Turns out that Louis Crower (Yep, that Crower) has built himself a very heavy (4,000-pound) Pontiac GTO that is the best of both worlds.

It all begins with a KP Racing built LS3 engine. KP integrated billet main bearing caps, half-inch main studs, and a ton of Crower internals in the bottom and top end. Forcing copious amounts of air into this carefully prepared mill are a pair of 69-millimeter turbochargers. Power is estimated at 1,100hp with the boost controller set to 11-pounds. The transmission is a manual Tremec T56 Magnum with a McLeod twin-disc clutch.

On the other end of the coupe, we find the weakness. The rear end is bone stock. With a visit to the Strange Engineering website, this little GTO could be the stuff dreams are made of.

Set up for a week of drag racing, young Louis hits the road for Rocky Mountain Race Week. Have a look at the action.

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