Triple Rotor Turbo Aussie Sleeper

December 19th, 2017

Australia is a land that makes Mexico seem like a street racing paradise. Not only is street racing a serious offense down under but any vehicle modification intended to increase performance is strictly prohibited.

So, exactly what does that mean for enthusiasts with a mind to race on the streets of Australia? It means that if you are going to have a modified vehicle, it must be a street sleeper. A street sleeper is a vehicle which has been modified to increase performance while maintaining the appearance of a stock vehicle.

After a chance meeting (at an Aussie petrol station) with the owner of this Sleeper RX8 our videographer is taken aback by what lies underneath the hood (bonnet). No, it’s not an LS swap – this Mazda is running a 20B rotary engine. Right next to it is a Garrett GT45 turbocharger that is virtually the same size as the engine. The combination is good for 750hp and a great deal of fun.

After being awestruck by the low profile power plant, our cameraman climbed into the passenger seat of the rear-wheel drive RX8 for a thrilling ride. Afterward the car owner treated him to some tires on the bar-b.

Whether you love imports or hate them; this is a can’t miss video.

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