Toyota Shop Truck Spanks Exotics

August 2nd, 2018

Greetings race fans and welcome to the historic Palm Beach International Raceway. Today, we are at the sight of the Toyota Invitational, presented by TRC.

Exotic, classic, and high-performance vehicles from virtually every manufacturer are on hand and this is shaking out into a very successful event. Understandably, everyone is mingling about the expensive exotics and smoozing the supercar crowd. Nobody is checking out a plain looking Toyota pickup. Some seem to think that it might be a service truck or a shop truck but this little truck is officially registered and in it to win it!

In the blink of an eye, the Toyota pickup plows onto the track alongside a Nismo R35 GT-R. Who does this guy think he is? So, these two are lined up for a 40-130 mph roll race and they both drop the hammer. Just as I suspected; the GT-R gets the jump and it looks bad for the shop truck. Wait a minute – shop truck for the win by a car length. What the heck?

Seems this four-wheeled hauler has been upgraded with a 2JZ inline 6-cylinder engine with an S366 (66-millimeter) turbocharger and a manual transmission. You gotta be a man to drive this thing.

He got by a GT-R. Now just a 300Zx and a McLaren 720s remain.Can the shop truck hold out?

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