Top Speed World Record – Lamborghini 6-Speed

January 4th, 2018

Greetings speed aficionados of every niche. Welcome to the WannaGoFast Half-Mile where some of the fastest cars on the planet put it all on the line in an effort to master the elements of horsepower and break top speed records in a variety of categories.

When it comes to busting half-mile top speed Lamborghini world records, Underground Racing is on the cutting edge. The Underground X Package, like the one on the Lambo featured in this video, yields approximately 2,000hp. Since the Lamborghini is already known for extreme performance suspension, the added horsepower of the X Package produces a vehicle capable of supernatural feats.

Take a look as our feature car churns out numerous 200+ mph passes (despite less than optimum track conditions) before crushing the Lamborghini World Record for 6-speed cars. The new high water mark (226.35 mph)  bested the old record by 2 mph and thrilled competitors and onlookers alike.

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