Top 10 Street Sleepers of 2016

December 23rd, 2016

There is something particularly satisfying about building a car that can perform on the street without looking like it. This is called a “street sleeper” and it has been called a motorized version of the pool hustler.

This video gives us a look at 10 of the baddest and most surprising street sleepers of 2016.

  • Check out this turbocharged Honda Civic. With a built K20 and a massive turbocharger, this sub compact is knocking off Lamborghinis on the street.
  • The turbo Silverado looks factory but don’t press your luck with this single cab pickup. With a big turbo and a 100-shot of nitrous, this average looking Cowboy Cadillac is producing more than 1,000hp.
  • This Old School Malibu is rocking four-doors and a set of business-coupe baby-moon hubcaps. When the light drops, this turbocharged V8 sedan is capable of toting the front and rolling hard through the 1320.
  • Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing – how about an LSX powered Willys Jeep. This setup can virtually twist this old war wagon’s frame in half and it has a top speed of 165 mph.
  • The Farm Truck is a familiar sight to those who watch the Street Outlaws television show. Farm Truck’s sleeper status has been well documented but powertrain and output stats are kept close to the vest. Never show your cards until all the money is on the table. That is a free lesson in street sleeper style.
  • Splitting the middle of the pack is a V6 turbocharged Mustang. This racer has more than doubled the factory horsepower – without any Cobra or GT markings as you will note.
  • Street Sleeper and Canary Yellow paint don’t usually go hand-in-hand but this brightly hued (twin turbocharged) import has been known to dust factory Hellcats like water off a duck’s back.
  • Mazda Miata roadsters are a blast to drive in factory trim, so I know that this V8 swapped version is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. It looks stock and blows the doors off the competition.
  • Dubai is the home of this radically modified Nissan turbo SUV. It terrorizes the streets of this fair city in search of anything with a serious exhaust note (including those with monikers like Lamborghini and Ferrari).
  • Jaw-dropping half and one-mile passes are the forte of this V8 swapped Volvo. The Swedish-built grocery-getter finds sunny afternoons beating Italian and German supercars in top-speed contests particularly relaxing.

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