Tommy Two Gunz Nitrous S-10 Street Wheelies

June 29th, 2020

Little brother Tommy has really got his small block Chevy S-10 hooking up like crazy. Well, Dad might have a little to do with Tommy’s success. In fact, he might be up for Father of the Year. Tommy’s dad knows something about getting from A to B and he seems to have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the cold go-go juice (nitrous). Check out this rocket ship of a stock S-10 pickup. What is going on under the hood of this truck, the stock body ain’t ready for – take a look.

Dad runs through the ins-and-outs of how the nitrous kit works before setting up the mini controller for the lad. If you are considering a similar nitrous setup (carbureted), this is a decent tutorial. It all begins with a built Chevrolet small block engine and a couple of kits of nitrous. Under Dad’s watchful eye, this truck and this young man are going to develop into quite a formidable combination on street or strip. Let’s take it to the street.

Today, Tommy is working on dropping the hammer and riding the bull. When the small block torques-up – and the laughing gas kicks-in – the body of this compact pickup twists like an aluminum can. That don’t keep the front wheels from going violently skyward as the rear bumper bounces off the pavement. In the Southern vernacular, popping wheelies is called “toting the front.” What Tommy is doing in this video, certainly qualifies.

Great truck, great video and a great Dad. Love his laugh as his son nails the throttle.

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