Thunderous TT Chevy II Runs 7-Second Quarter-Mile

July 15th, 2016

Thunderous TT Chevy II Runs 7-Second Quarter-Mile 01Meet Larry Larson and his 1966 Chevy II Nova. This car holds the prestigious honor of being named the fastest street car in the world, for three years consecutively. Larson Race Cars has built dozens of top-tier drag cars and trucks but it seems like they always save the best for themselves – who can blame ‘em?

Running in the Comp Eliminator (AA/AT) Class at Drag Week 2016, this Chevy is packing a Larson (Mike Moran) built 565-cubic inch big block with a set of 88-millimeter turbochargers. The Larson team manages a 7.17-second pass at 179 mph on this day but the car is more than capable of dipping into the sixes. Listen to it in surround sound. It’s incredible and the Fuel Tech controlled launch is just brutal.

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