This vs. That LS Swapped Subaru vs. 600HP Honda Civic Hatch

April 19th, 2022

We have a wild one tonight! Like two angry bumblebees fighting over a ripe honeysuckle, these two modified imports are planning to let it all hang out for the win.

In the left lane, we have an LS swapped Subaru. In an effort to realize supreme domination by cubic inches, the factory boxter motor was scrapped for an LS V8 setup. After several V8 options were exhausted, the owner settled on an LS3 7.0-liter all-aluminum engine. He then added a kit of nitrous for good measure. A 6-speed manual transmission and a narrowed Ford 9-inch rear end complete the drivetrain. This crazy Subaru weighs in at about 3,150-pounds and it’s rear-wheel drive. Maximum output? 650hp.

On the right, is the 1992 Honda Civic. This pavement hungry hatchback is powered by an inline four-cylinder Honda B18 motor with sleeved cylinders and oversized pistons. The turbocharger is a 6266 and the car tips the scale at approximately 2,000-pounds. The transmission is a 5-speed manual in a front-wheel drive setup. Maximum output is estimated at 600hp.

Let’s get these two on the pavement for some head-to-head drag racing.

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