Thirty-Car Roll Racing Bracket

April 10th, 2019

Taking it to the streets of California (Mexico) for this video. Want to know what happens when thirty purpose-built automobiles roll onto the streets for some serious roll racing? This clip answers all your questions.

The vehicles are far-flung. There is everything from an all-wheel drive turbo Honda CRV to an LS swapped Mazda Miata on hand – and then it starts getting weird. How about a twin turbo Viper and a 300M with a Kenne Bell (3.6-liter) supercharger? It’s crazy out here!

The night begins with a Roush Mustang (ported blower and high-performance exhaust) and a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe (high-performance camshaft, full bolt-ons). Mustang got him by half-a-car.

Up next, the Roush Mustang takes on the LS swapped Miata (400hp in a 2,500-pound car) and gives him a pretty good spanking. Roush Mustang takes on a Nissan GT-R in a series of close hits. GT-R might’ve been working a hustle?

After that, the TT Viper took on a 1,000hp GT-R. In a close one, the Viper pulled out the victory – could’ve had interference from traffic.

Mr. Roush rolls up against a Corvette ZR1 with ported and polished cylinder heads and blower, as well as a 200hp shot of laughing gas. ‘Vette FTW (w/o nitrous).

Much more roll racing on this one. It is must see!

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