The Quest for the 8-Second Quarter-Mile – Dodge Demon

February 5th, 2019

Dreamers – you gotta love them. Without dreamers, we would fail to soar to magnificent heights. This is true in the world of drag racing, just as in any other area. Mark Heinnings is one such dreamer in the world of drag racing. Mark dreams of putting his 2018 Dodge Demon into the 8s, without opening up the engine or the supercharger. Let’s see how he’s doing so far.

Mark has knocked the socks off the racing world and knocked more than a second off his Demon’s quarter-mile time as estimated when the car was new. Mark has put his car through the paces with more than 700-quarter-mile passes since it was purchased.

Mark’s 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that has been treated to a pulley (supercharger) upgrade, oversize fuel injectors, and a cat-delete exhaust system. Output is estimated to be 1,000hp. This Mopar is running a Currie 9-inch (Ford) rear end and racing fuel. Mickey Thompson rubber and Weld Racing wheels (bead-lock rears) help the Demon out of the hole. Best pass to date is a low 9-second (9.19 @ 149 mph) quarter-mile. In keeping with NHRA guidelines, the car has a racing seat with harness and a full roll cage. It is prepared by Gearhead Fabrications in Stoart, Florida.

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