Texas Rattlesnake – Heir to the Throne of No-Prep?

May 1st, 2019

Greetings racing fans and welcome to Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals IV. Meet Ronnie Hobbs and his Canary Yellow Chevrolet S10; known as the Texas Rattlesnake.

This impressive reptile is away on her maiden voyage and running in the Big Tire Class. She’s packing a serious punch from a 564 cubic-inch Brad Anderson Enterprises (BAE) mill, topped off with a pair of 98-millimeter Precision turbochargers. Major power output capacity is the result – to the tune of approximately 3,000hp! As with any fresh build, this truck is working through the bugs, but is exceptionally well-built and no expense has been spared.

Round One is a struggle between the Rattlesnake and a classic Camaro. Both cars come out hard and bolt down the track. Mr. Hobbs has to drive around the Camaro at the end.

Round Two is a case of S10-on-S10 crime. With the Rattler in the right lane and a blown S10 in the left, the tree drops and both trucks leave violently. The blown truck knocks the tires off coming out of the hole and nearly loses it altogether. Texas Rattlesnake FTW!

With a bye run in the Semi-Final Round, it’s on to the Finals and a chance to grab $25K. The Texas Rattlesnake is lined up against the Studebaker with the giant supercharger. Reckon who will win this one? Take a look and find out.

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