Tess Wood – Supercharged Ford Maverick

January 4th, 2020

“Build it. Make it faster. Break it. Figure out how to fix it, and then make it faster again.” Those are the words of Tess Woods. She is owner and driver of what will likely be the fastest eighth-mile stock block drag car in the world, one day. As a racer, I could continue her statement with “break it again and repeat the whole process.” It’s what we do, and Tess has been doing it well for nearly a decade.

For Tess (Miss Maverick), she fell in love with the Ford Maverick at first sight. She bought a 1973 version and, with the help of Murrays Performance Garage, Stafford Fabrication, Carb Solutions Unlimited and tons of other friends, she has built the car you see today. What began as a small block Ford V8 with nitrous (only) has morphed into a supercharged drag car with nitrous. Since making the swap, Tess has basically upgraded the entire drivetrain. It’s expensive and inconvenient but she now has a better, safer car.

This self-professed tomboy is fiercely loyal to the Ford blue oval. I have to give it to her for sticking to her values in going out and fighting hard to take that world record. Just a racer and her Maverick.

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