Tesla Tackles Hot Rod Drag Week 2019

October 15th, 2019

With a name like Hot Rod Drag Week, one might think this was more about all-out horsepower than consistency. Truth is that Hot Rod Drag Week is a series of Index Drag Races, and consistency is key. So, what could be more consistent than a Tesla? As it turns out, not much.

Hot Rod Drag Week is comprised of drag racing on four tracks in five days. The truly sinister part of it is – the circuit between the drag strips adds up to more than 1,000-miles. That’s a long road trip in a car that is designed for maximum output in a short distance. As I survey the competition, I think, advantage Tesla.

The Tesla P100 D is no lightweight sedan. Here, you see that the owner has removed everything from the interior in an effort to reduce weight as much as possible. He also seems to have an above average IQ for how the lithium-ion batteries behave under various states of charge. This allows him to keep the batteries adequately charged and at the appropriate temperature for maximum output on the track. As expected, this thing is the king of consistency. Mid 10s @ 130 mph on virtually every pass.

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